Western Australia’s pristine environment creates an abundance of safe, premium produce that the world is keen to share in.

Browse our world class producers and the vast range of premium agrifood products they have to share. You’ll find links to their websites so that you can contact the producers directly to discover more about the clean, safe produce that comes from Western Australia’s pristine environment.

If you have any questions about the Western Australia Worth Sharing initiative, please email us at info@westernaustraliaworthsharing.com

How Can I Get Involved?

By promoting Western Australia’s modern agriculture methods, our pristine environment, and the abundance of safe, premium produce that it yields, we will help grow our agriculture industry and in the process create jobs for Western Australians.

To get involved and become an export partner in the Western Australia Worth Sharing initiative, email us at info@westernaustraliaworthsharing.com

Agriculture. A significant export industry.

Western Australia’s agriculture industry produces safe, sustainable and healthy products, with effective regulation and a transparent food chain.

This ensures that exports are clean, safe and in demand by overseas consumers, particularly in neighbouring countries, like China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam.
The agrifood industry represents a significant source of employment for Western Australia and is vital to regional communities and the State’s economic future.